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Ryuu96 said:

Hosted by Me and Shikamaru, Credit goes to him for most of this.


- Voting for your winner and runner-up.

- We'll be taking votes from December 20th until January 6th.

- If for whatever reason you can't vote in certain category and/or Runner-Up then leave it as N/A.

- Vote changing is allowed, edit your original table with the change (Me or Shika will provide you a link to your original post if you don't have one)

Table #1

Best Shooter Winner: Battlefeild 1
Runner-up: Overwatch
Best Platformer Winner: Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Runner-up: Recore
Best Sports/Racing Winner: UFC 2
Runner-up: Madden NFL 17
Best RPG Winner: FFXV
Runner-up: Earthlock
Best Action-Adventure Winner: The Division
Runner-up:  Recore
Best Horror Winner:
Best Singleplayer Campaign Winner: FFXV
Runner-up: Battlefeild 1
Best Multiplayer Winner: Battlefeild 1
Runner-up: Overwatch
Best Narrative Winner: Battlefeild 1
Runner-up: Call of Duty Infinitive Warfare
Best Graphics Winner: Battlfeild 1
Runner-up: FFXV
Best Art Design Winner: Overwatch
Runner-up: Recore
Best Soundtrack (music) Winner: Madden17
Runner-up: Battlefeilf 1
Best Sound Design (effects/voices) Winner: Battlefeild 1
Runner-up: Recore
Best Performance by a Male Actor Winner:
Best Performance by a Female Actress Winner:
Best Free To Play Game Winner: Roblox
Runner-up: APB
Best ID@Xbox Game (indie) Winner: Earthlock
Best DLC Winner: Monitors Bounty(Halo5)
Runner-up: Rise of Iron(Destiny)
Best Console Exclusive Winner: Forza Horizon 3
Runner-up: Recore
Best Xbox One Games With Gold Release

Winner: Sunset Overdrive 
Runner-up: WWE2K16

Best Xbox 360 Games With Gold Release Winner: Forza Horizon 
Runner-up: Mirrors Edge
Best Backwards Compatibility Release Winner: Call of Duty Black Ops
Runner-up: Forza Horizon
Overall Xbox Game of the Year Winner: Battlefeild 1
Runner-up: FFXV

Table #2

Overall Xbox 2016 Rating (Games, Hardware, Announcements etc.) ( 7/10)
Quantum Break (😝 /10)
ReCore ( 8/10)
Forza Horizon  ( 9/10)
Gears of War 4 ( 😜/10)
Dead Rising 4 ( 😜/10)


Unrelated to XBE's GOTY but you can also vote in VGChart'z GOTY