NATO said:
d21lewis said:

As a huge fan of VR, I suppose I wish that we the case but I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I saw at least one everywhere I went.

By all means point me to an online store that has them in stock at original retail price, especially in Europe/Japan , Europe are offering preorders that won't be fullfilled till January at some stores, as far as March in others, Japan has been out of stock everywhere with no word of when stock will be available.

GameStop in US has none online and claims non in store within 100 miles of severe states I tried, Amazon US has none in stock at original price, only scalper prices.

It's not an argument and I'm not trying to beat you. I bought mine on day one.  

I hope it's selling well because I think it's amazing and it's the future. I worry that the hype isn't there,  They're in Statesboro Ga at MSRP if you want one, though.

mZuzek loves to pre-order