I still don't get people's negativity towards TFA.

Either way, yes R1 is an awesome SW movie!

Vader is like 10mins total... one cameo-ish and one critical plot point.

I disliked the usage of one of CGI characters. One was awesome and done pretty well, the other would have been better to just not show a face at all.

Loved the fan-service as always and glad critically important long-time characters continued to be in the movies.

Plot was well done I thought and I liked how they explained why an obvious weakness existed in the Death Star.

Absolutely LOVE K-2SO! Such a great character.

I'm also loving how all these new movies are much more real. Something I was glad they were doing for TFA and I see they are continuing in the smaller stories. The sets, models and lesser number of CGI usage just makes it more real and more SW.

I wonder if the password for the shield was 12345?