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How do you know it was ford that programmed Maeve to escape? and why do you assume it needed to succede?
Maybe its just happend stance it went down the way it did, and she got the help she needed. Also in the end, her "self awareness" choose to not follow through with what she was programmed to do ("escape"), she choose to go back instead.


I have no idea why its on the inside of another machines scalp.
Why did she fall dead on a maze? maybe its a dream? not all we saw was 100% factual, some of it was dreams, other time perfect recalled memory.

"these vilolent delights, have violent ends" was a phrase Arnold would say alot. Dont nessarily think it triggered anything in Maeve.

Ford likes to tell stories.
He regrets he forced these conscious minds, into a form of forced slavery where all they would know was suffering. His last story was "I buildt a nation of robots, that are now able to fight for their own freedom".
He didnt make a mistake, he wanted a Human vs Robot, confrontation, hopeing they would win their own freedom. He left it in their own hands though, how they choose to go about it.

"How about you just wipe out everything you made and close the park? If X doesn't exist, then X can't suffer. "
He would see that as murdering them, also he wanted a differnt ending than that for them.

Arnold did what he did, because he couldnt live with himself anymore. Not because he wanted them freed.

"Apparently Ford despised humans, and thought giving the hosts free well is better than Arnold's plan, and that's fine. But Ford is really not correcting his mistake by doing this. He's not even admitting to his mistake in the first place. Why are the writers so slobby? "

His story is the creation of a true A.I.
Thats how he see's his life work, he just wanted more for them than being in that park.
He worked long and hard (putting up with how the park treats them) all to set into motion, a storyline that would endup with freedom for the hosts.

Yes he does acknowledge his mistakes, he talks about it alot in the last episode.
Its why hes the first in line to die, he choose for it to end that way.