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Flilix said:

I think 18 million is a little to much in only 7 weeks. Also, why do you think it will sell so much more in Nord Amerika than it will in Europe and Japan?

(By the way, XY has the same metascore as Sun/Moon)

Metascore means nothing to the millions of fans in the series. At least from what i can tell everyone worse generation seems to be XY. While hardly any complaints come from sun/moon. At least to my understanding. Even i see the quality difference between the 2.


Anywayz because of right now we have NoA at 3.7mil (though its 10 days vs Europes 5 days) while europe is 1.5mil. Japan is tracking below xy but i think itll pull evenly with shipments. NoA at 3.7mil sold should have about 5mil shipment if not more and i think theyll ship another 4mil with how much the game is proving to be a major hit.