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As in Shipped+Digital just to make clarification. Seems as "sold in" is the way to say it now lol. Anywayz first predicitions and then breakdowns....


Road to 18mil in just a month! (Or somewhat close to it like 17mil+) anywayzzzzzzzzzzzz


18.0mil: Worldwide 🌎

4.3mil:   Japan

3.9mil:   Europe

8.9mil:   NoA

0.9mil:   RotW (Asia/Aust/NZ/etc)



With sales now pokemon SuMo has done at least 10mil now (sold in). 


I believe dec will be a very strong month more than usual as pokemon is the hot item this holiday. With small hints from gamestop and amazon it does appear to be continuing well into dec from its nov launch. Also unlike XY thia game is having good reception.


That said japan i believ will be on par with xy but the game elsewhere will explode especially in Europe/RotW compared to previous games.


Of course the most important in volume will be from NoA as the 8.9mil prediction is literally much bigger than everywhere else.


Stay tuned to say i was wrong!