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Carl2291 said:

Are you serious? Let me see you carry that mentality with other comments. I'm personally going to message you everytime I see somebody say 'sony fan' or 'playstation fan' because not once have I seen you step in when it's said and it's said a lot and in a demeaning manor. Yet you single out Kerotan even when he said it's not a bad thing. 

I've always gone out of my way to point out that generalising people as X, Y or Z for whatever preferences they may or may not hold isn't a good thing and only encourages a negative attitude towards users. I've even gone as far to hand out moderations for it. Implying someone is only impressed by something because they're an "Xbox fan" (using this specific example) isn't only belittling that persons opinion, but also potentially paiting them in a negative light to whoever may be reading the thread. It's giving a label to someone who may or may not identify as such and it's just not needed. 

Anyway, I've said what I had to and Kerotan replied with a reasonable post. Nothing more needed to be said on the matter. As for you? I'm honestly not surprised to see your reply. I'll just point you towards Rule 18.

If you have a problem with a moderator or a moderation, send the moderator who issued your moderation a private message (Rule 11 applies to PMs as well as posts, wall posts, and any other moderator-related conversation), and if you are still dissatisfied, send a private message to the Lead Moderators.

Do not post these issues in the forums, outside of moderator-sanctioned threads, or on the moderator's wall - doing so will result in moderation action against you.

Only warning you're getting. Drop it, now.

jrnation last 4 responses to hourly updates over the last few days.

"Holy fuck! Look at them X1 Bundles! "

"Holy fuck! 6 XONE bundles! "

"Wow! Xbox One at #2 while still having multiple bundles quite high!"

"XONE has 3 bundles in the top 20! "

Maybe that will put things into a better perspective!

BTW jrnation I don't have a problem with you or what you say if you're getting that impression. I'm just pointing out kerotans non offensive way of calling you a Xbox fan justified and done in a respectful way. I see carl's link where you list Nintendo games as you most wanted so I'm a little surprised if you are primary a Nintendo fan.