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Welcome to The Final Top 10 Most Played 3DS Games - Winter Edition!

Rules/What you need to do:
- Post your Top 10 most played games on the 3DS (feel free to post more, but I will only track the top 10)
- If you are tagging the thread, please make a new post when showing your times
- If applications (ex. eShop, Internet Browser) are in your top 10, do not include them but you can add them with [brackets]
- You can post your DS/DSiWare/VC games but can opt them out if you so choose
- Even if you do not have playtimes, you are allowed to post estimates (or just the games without times)
- To make it easier for me, please post your times in a table
- Last date for posting your playtimes will end on December 31st, 2016


As mentioned in the title, this will be the Final edition for both the 3DS and Wii U playtimes. There are a few reasons why I am putting this to a close but the main reason is that it takes more time than I would like to keep everything up to date, and the obvious decrease in people responding in this thread, requiring me to constantly bump these threads

Another big issue is, when you play a new game, there is no way it will make it to the top ten unless your playtimes are already low, or you have played hours on end. Therefore, even if you have played a lot of new games, it may not even show up in your top ten. I may revisit the idea of having monthly time logs rather than top 10s, but will have to see at another date..

Despite taking a lot of time and work, it has been great fun, seeing my own playtimes as well as others increase, seeing what games are the most played and what games people are currently playing. Thanks for those who have stuck through since the beginning!


Game Times Log:

2015 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]
2016 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]

Wii U
2015 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]
2016 | [SPR] [SUM] [FAL] [WIN]




1. Fire Emblem Awakening 205:23
2. Rune Factory 4 187:39
3. Animal Crossing New Leaf 109:10
4. Bravely Default 103:21
5. Pokemon Picross 87:08
6. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl 84:35
7. Pokemon Y 83:34
8. Fantasy Life 83:30
9. StreetPass Mii Plaza 78:44
10. Tales of the Abyss 67:29


1. Fire Emblem Awakening 205:23
2. Rune Factory 4 187:39
3. Animal Crossing New Leaf 109:10
4. Bravely Default 103:21
5. Pokemon Picross 98:35
6. Fire Emblem Conquest 90:55
7. Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl 84:35
8. Pokemon Y 84:11
9. Fantasy Life 83:50
10. StreetPass Mii Plaza 79:19
11. Tales of the Abyss 67:29
12. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call 48:33
13. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 44:13
14. Mario Kart 7 43:44
15. Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX 38:29

Played a lot of Fire Emblem Fates, but since I bought both versions as physical copies, my Birthright time (37:50) is not included in my Conquest playtime. Got Revelations on Conquest which is why the playtime is a lot longer as well.

Picross is 100% completed so I won't be playing that game again, Tales of the Abyss is finally bumped out of the top 10 too

Been playing a bit of Pokemon Moon as well, but with Fates, I've been playing that more :p

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