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Ugh that sucks.That reminds me the PS2 era, that my PS2 broke so many times due to tripping on the wire or younger brother mayhems, that by the end I had bought 3 different PS2.

See how much Nintendo charges for the repair, and if its cheap, go for that.But seeing how the screen itself broke and itself needs replacement, I dont see it being cheap XD(If i had to guess, they would need to dismantle the whole upper part of it just to put a new screen.That cant be cheap).Otherwise, wait for the black friday and find the cheapest deal you can find.I know that stuff in Canada are generally more expensive than in the US, but it shouldnt be hard to find a new 3DS for around 120 dollars(the equivalent of it I mean).

But yeah, it sucks.And having a younger sibling myself, I can understand the pain!