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Laggy as hell on 4 bar connection. I have only really been playing zombies which is mostly lag free, but in my 3 matches of multiplayer 2 were laggy. Ghosts NEVER lagged for me at all on I played thousands of games of Ghosts and never lagged....and host migrations stopped after the first DLC of ghosts meaning I was on dedis from DLC 1 to the end of the lifecycle. Infinite Warfare lagging like this makes me think this is on BO2 or MW3 engine. It's really bad. You can't have a jumpy game and the your teammates/enemies are all standing in place and then teleporting 10 feet. i get as low as single digit ping when i play titanfall. Titanfall and Ghosts to me have had the best connection of any games I ever played, but in general I usually get very good connection with some lag here and there. 2/3 games of teleporting lag to start a cod is a very very bad sign. the only times i experienced lag like this was destiny, mw3, and bo3 beta which is why i skipped last year./

Multiplayer: ???

Campaign: ???

Zombies: 9/10 :)