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NightDragon83 said:

How does IW's campaign and multiplayer compare to the other recent entries in the series? I haven't played a COD game since BO2, which was mostly playing co-op and zombies at my cousin's. Last game I own in the series is MW3, after that I started getting COD fatigue.


The campaign was surprisingly really enjoyable. Probably top 3 when it comes to CoD campaigns in general. They did a really great job there...

Multiplayer: Too early to give a final judgement, but I have to say it's exceeded my expectations thus far, especially after a terrible Beta.  Some of the maps play really well and are very enjoyable to me. Even the worst maps are somewhat tolerable at the moment. The movement system feels really fluid to me and it's probably my favorite out of the advanced movement era for CoD games. I feel the scorestreaks are a bit weak and the TTK is a bit too fast though. I could potentially see myself enjoying this multiplayer more than AW and BO3... I haven't really enjoyed an Infinity Ward Call of Duty this much since Modern Warfare 2.

Considering all the hate the game has recieved, it actually turned out to be a nice product. 

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