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Nymeria said:
ReimTime said:
Das good Noble!
Finally decided to upload a nice picture for all of you. My Halloween costume is gonna be great! Have to poke a mouth hole in it though so I can do shots.

Terrifying and impressive. Someone does curls.

Rainy days means squatting in the garage.

Also, welcome anyone form the introduction thread! More fitness people the better.

Ah, squats for sets of infinity. The best way to do it! Great form by the way!

And thank you! Sometimes you get the perfect lighting, and need to accentuate it with a duck mask

Nymeria said:

CJ Cummings, the big hope for male American weight lifters. Watch this then tell yourself...he's 16. 16!

Sometimes I question if this guy is human. There is a young guy from Colombia or Venezuela who is similarly a Demigod

#1 Amb-ass-ador