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bananaking21 said:

My rant can go on for even longer than it already is. but to try and cut it a bit, lets see how many unanswered questions there are about the NS. How powerfull is the NS? what games are on it? What games can we expect at launch? whats the price? how much storage does it have? does it support HDR? what kind of network features does it have? does it have virtual console support? does it have apps like netflix and youtube? is the screen a touch screen? how long is the batter life? how big is the screen? Does it support external hard drives? what type of screen does it have? 

Come on! Completely useless questions, all of them. It will sell 100M easily. It's awesome, we all know it, and you should be ashamed for not being hyped by a really clear and explicative trailer.


I agree, this communication is simply awful and it's annoying. One year of "What's the NX? Is this the NX? Guys, my grandma told me the NX will be the market leader again!" spam, just to get to this parody of a console reveal (merely a confirmation of the already kinda confirmed main rumors), and then several months of silence again with the same spam, just with Switch instead of NX. It's ridiculous. I'm not sure yet about the future of this console, but one thing is certain: Nintendo's communication and marketing just sucks and the community overreacting and overhyping anything from them is tiring.