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3 months later and here we are. i said the NS will be dead on arrival in the west and i fairly confident in that prediction. and while a lot of the communication blunders they commited at the reveal are now rectified. the main issues have proven to turn out true. on the Home console side, The Switch is is outdated, less capable and weak, and much more expensive than a home console with those specs should be. and on the portable side its a way to expensive for a handheld, less portable and a much weaker battery life. 


As a result of its weaker hardware third parties are ditching the Switch for the most part. No Mass Effect, Ghost Recon, For Honor, FF15, Red Dead, Prey, Resident Evil and so on. And Nintendo's approach to software isnt any better. still insisting on these over priced ridiculous Mini games. 1, 2 Switch? sigh... Arms.... Sigh... 

This whole thing just seems like another WiiU all over again.



Original OP:


The Dust is starting to settle of the Nintendo Switch announcement. And its pretty clear Nintendo hasnt learnt much after the horrendous WiiU Reveal.


- The Trailer certainly gives a better idea about what the NX is, much more than the WiiU trailer did. The trailer gives the impression that the NS is a Hybrid system. however, nintendo did say that the docking station only serves to connect the NS to the TV, as well as provide power. basically, the Dock is pretty much a glorified charging station that has an HDMI, Thus resulting it in technicially being a portable. you wouldnt call a PSP a "Hybrid" because you can connect it to a TV with a cable, right? However, one of the issues arises when Nintendo is calling the NS a "home gaming system". even though it technicially isnt.


- The first point isnt that bad, its not a huge problem sure. it doesnt really matter what the NS technicially is considered if the consumers like it. but it does show that Nintendo still has a communiction problem, and that these 3 minute trailers are no where near enough to illustrate what their consoles are and what they have to offer. 

- Nintendo then goes on to say that no new information will be given out until next year. Leaving a plethora amount of crucial questions unanswered. which is simply baffling. so many crucial questions go unanswered. for a system that is just 5 months away from launch, the number of question marks circling around the reveal is outstanding.

Taking a look at PS4 reveal, the shortcomings are astronomical in comparison. First and foremost, Sony took the time to explain their vision for their new console, where they believe the market place is heading, where they would like to take it. they explained what type of gamers the PS4 would appeal to. they explained the PS4's specs, what its capable of and what we can expect, they talked about networking features,  they showed their support for devs, both tripple A and indie, and what comes in between. And most importantly they announced games, and many of them.  Nintendo didnt bother to do any of these things. 


- This takes us to another point, The Games. What types of games are we expected to play on the NS? how can nintendo reveal a new console, without revealing any games for it? and a massive miscommunication blunder accures here. Skyrim and NBA for both shown for the NS, yet it turns out, both games arent even confirmed for the console. how can this be? How can Nintendo show off this console with games that arent even confirmed for the system yet? chances are they are coming to the system, yes. but the fact that nobody can be certain is just mind boggling, and shows a huge in inefficiency at communicating what this system has to offer. whats even more confusing is that they showed off first party games, that arent even confirmed. are mario kart, splatoon and 3D mario new games? are they ports? are they even coming to the system? How can nintendo not have these questions answered?


- With the NS, Nintendo seems to have made a similar issue they did with the WiiU. They are making a system that is trying to appeal to everybody, which in return will appeal to nobody. well obviously not nobody nobody, but you get my point. As Nintendo said, NS is supposed to be their next "Home System". But by making it a hybrid, they have lost a crucial aspect that other home systems have. the fact that its a dedicated home system. adding portability to it means that is will be weaker, it will be less capable, and it will be more expensive than it should be, in exchange for offering a feature that dedicated console gamers dont want or really need. does that ring a bell? if not, ill spill it out for you. its one of the main issues the WiiU had. 

And the same logic goes for the portable gaming consumer. The system is more expenisve, has less portability, and will have a weaker battery life. and whats baffling here is not did Nintendo not learn from their mistakes, they also didnt learn from Sony's with the Vita. consumers dont really want AAA and home console gaming experiences on the go. 

My rant can go on for even longer than it already is. but to try and cut it a bit, lets see how many unanswered questions there are about the NS. How powerfull is the NS? what games are on it? What games can we expect at launch? whats the price? how much storage does it have? does it support HDR? what kind of network features does it have? does it have virtual console support? does it have apps like netflix and youtube? is the screen a touch screen? how long is the batter life? how big is the screen? Does it support external hard drives? what type of screen does it have? 


As it stands now, Nintendo is just selling us the concept, not the product itself. and considering that the NS is releasing in roughly 5 months, that is concerning to say the least. And Nintendos refusal to even talk about their console is not only puzzling, but out right stupid. Nintendo seems to be a company that refuses to learn from its mistakes, and the mistakes done by others.