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Also, bonus gif:


I only played two matches but that was enough for me to be done. It seems I can stomach less and less CoD every year before being sick and never playing it again. In the beta anyway, streak rewards are ridiculous, borderline MW2 nonsense. Both matches were indoors in some space station, and yet airstrikes and missiles were still killing people. Take 2 steps out of the spawn, dead by something random. It is complete sensory overload. And the time to kill seems even less than any other CoD I have played recently.

Activision was smart forcing people to buy this turd to get the MW remaster. I wonder how popular it's even going to be? It's going to be jarring for some used to a million guns and attachments and perks to go to an environment where you kill people with guns and strategy.

Nuke me from orbit 2 seconds after I spawn if old.