Bandorr said:
I suspect it will be PS4.
On that note of Amazon - does anyone know what happened to the xbox S on amazon?

Did they all sell out or something? There is almost none of them in the top 100.

I know this won't effect September, but it is something I've been curious about.

That why I see it on Amazon is since the Halo 500GB bundle has sold out no other bundle has stepped up as the go-to cheap and best value bundle so Xbox One's on Amazon haven't really been selling and theres a few reasons:

- No flagship Halo 5 500GB stock

- Battlefield 1 500GB not released yet

- 500GB Minecraft bundle is most likely to be bought instore by parents or more casual users

Xbox One S are selling elsewhere and people probably due to the above reasons are taking there purchase elsewhere as the only entry level $299 500GB instock currently is Minecraft leaving only $349 and higher price Limited Edition consoles for sale on Amazon currently.