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Ganoncrotch said:
Ka-pi96 said:
I have a kinect. Got it with my Xbox One. Only used it for the kinect sports demo and then never again. It`s kinda meh to be honest.

That's the stinging point for a lot of people at the Kinect 2.0 I think, the fact that it was packed in, you didn't have an option as to if you wanted it or not, sure you got a Demo of Kinect sports on the X1 too... but you could uninstall that if it wasn't to your liking, you don't have an option to take back the Kinect portion of the console if it wasn't to your tastes based on the demo'd software so for lots of people who got the Vanilla X1 it's just there sat in a box or gathering dust on a shelf rather than being the integral part of the console that MS thought and suggested that it would be.

Microsoft focused on Kinect 2 because Kinect 1 not only revived the 360 when it was seriously flagging, it juiced up sales to the point where the 360 became number one in the US for 7th gen. So they figured that Kinect was what people wanted. They didn't recognize that it was a fad. I'm sure they meant well. Then, too, Kinect 2 was also tainted by all the other bad decisions Microsoft made with the Xbox One launch and all the tone-deaf PR attempts by Don Mattrick and Adam Orth.