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Kinect was a fantastic idea when it was added as an optional extra, it let you add on a feature to the X360 which allowed it to rival the Wii in terms of family fun with a ton of great software to back it up.

On the X1 though it was a massive point of issue for people, because it was force packed in with every X1 sold at launch it was normally what people blamed for Microsoft effectively taking 150 of what you paid at the counter and using it to create Kinect 2.0 rather than putting into making the Xbox 1 more powerful a console than the PS4, while I think that the X1 without Kinect might have ended up being the same power as the one we seen launch I still think that Kinect was the fall guy for the blame of the system being underpowered compared to its rival.

Just gonna say, I paid €150 for the X360 version of Kinect when that launched here in Ireland and was delighted to pay it, what it did for games in some cases did make the X360 feel like a whole new console, but yeah, given that the X1S now isn't even natively compatible with the Kinect 2.0 I think Microsoft have clearly given up on the product completely, as such , no the Kinect is no longer cool.

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