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Kerotan said:
Trunkin said:
Have you played The Sands of Time? How does it compare, in your experience? PoP 2009(8?) Soured me to the series, so I didn't even consider picking up the Forgotten Sands.

This is my first experience with the series and I'm only playing it thanks to ps plus. 


About half way through the game now and I'm struggling to put it down.  Excellent and fun gameplay.  


I've fully adjusted to ps3 level graphics now and it looks fantastic. 

You are absolutely in Luck so Mr Kerotan, see you're living in Ireland, check out the newest PSN sale which kicked off here, 30th Anniversary Ubisoft sale!/en-ie/games/prince-of-persia-trilogy/cid=EP0001-NPEB00552_00-GPRINCEOFP000001

That is the 3 games from the PS2 era remastered and tidied up for the PS3 all for €5.99 honestly at €2 a game you really can't go wrong there, I remember playing the heck out of the first of this trilogy on the Gamecube recently enough and it was just fantastic, easily worth this small asking price for the whole trilogy.

I also got the forgotten sands as a psn+ game last month but have yet to download it, I'll definitely be checking it out at some stage though considering how great the GC title was to play through... odd last boss, but still fantastic gameplay.


(Also you're in Ireland? didn't know this before... I think!)

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