Mr Puggsly said:
Machiavellian said:

Mr Puggsly, you have to hold Trump to the same criteria that you hold Hillary.  When Trump make statements like "Obama created Isis" for the uneducated it does not sound like hyperbole.  When Trump claims that Mexico is sending their rapist and muders across the boader when there is no shread of evidence to support that claim.  When Trump make statements to farmers that Clinton "want to shut down family farms" but then you can go to her web site and see the absolute opposite. The list is very long on Trump just making up stuff when he is speaking.  Its one thing to use data and try to paint it in favor of what you are talking about, its something totally different when you just make stuff up hoping no one will take the time to check if what you say is true.

I have read pretty much every speach from Trump, Clinton and even Gary Johnson and the common theme with Trump is that he is the only one that make up his own facts.  

I think the poor handling of terrorism is why Isis exist. We are simply reactive, little action is taken to eliminate Isis. We cant simply ignore them. Now they are winning minds and that creates homegrown terrorism.

I doubt Mexico is sending them, but the main point is bad ones do come across. Its inevitable when you have millions of people coming in.

Anywho, I'm not denying Trump spews BS. I'm just more bothered by the lies Hilary tells to protect her ass. Also the dems arguing racism every two seconds just divides the country more.

Do not forget that Isis existed way before Obama.  It started when US disbanded Saddam Hussein forces and they formed up with al Qaeda.  We as a nation pretty much create ISIS when we invaded Iraq.  All those out of work Iraqi forces had to go somewhere once they were out of work.

Bad people come to the US even when they are documented.  The thing is that if you check the stats of people in jail or commited bad crimes or drug related crimes by undocumented people from Mexico in the last 10 years its less than 1%.

I personally do not see the differece between Hillary lieing to protect her butt then Trump just making up lies to support whatever he is selling.  Just now he made a claim that Ford is going to fire all of their US workers because they are building a plant in Mexico.  The CEO of Ford had to go on the air disclaiming this rant from Trump as a complete lie.  He stated they are building the Plant in Mexico because labor is 40% cheaper and this is where they are moving their small cheap car factory so they can make money while US factories in the US which is up 50% make the other units.

My point is that it’s very disturbing that people seem to gloss over how Trump totally fabricate his own facts to support a policy he want to push.  Mexicans are sending murders and rapist to the US so let’s build a wall to stop it.  Muslins are blowing shit up so let’s stop all muslins from coming to the US.  Ford is creating a plant in Mexico so they must be firing their US workers and setting up business there.  EPA regulations hurt business so let’s rescind the EPA, remove the clean water bill and also remove regulations on business for health related regulations.  The list goes on and on how on most of his major political points he uses complete made up lies to support his position.  There really does seem to be a double standard when it comes to Hillary compared to Trump.  Trump seems to get the ok he was embellishing the Trump while Hillary is seen as a serial liar.  I cannot understand why both isn’t considered serial liars if they both lie all the time.