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Ultr said:
Azzanation said:

I agree, WoW was never about pushing visuals, it was more about pushing boundaries. Its Art Style is ageless. Playing the game with everything set on Ultra and High makes the game hold up really well. Plus the game has a 4k feature if you have the GPU and TV to achieve it.

The Mechanics have changed drastically, That Blue swing would resemble a special ability eg: Mortal Strike.

It really looks even better now!

But at that level that has to be the low level swing. I just thought blue is totally out of place because there is no magic in that one, I would have liked it white or something. But dont get me wrong the swing looks cool, its just the color that seems out of place to me.

Back in the days when I played it I couldn't even get it to highest setting and I could already fall into the world for hours and hours, now it looks even better.

Just to confirm, that Blue effect is Slam which is your level one attack. The normal attacks dont have a colour. Depending on the move and the spec it varies. If your Fury most abilities have a Red or Orange effect, Arms tends to have a Blue etc.

My PC only runs WoW at 40 Frames at Ultra and my PC is only 5 years old. The game can push hardware if you plan on having everything on. I had to turn AA off and turned field of view down to get a solid 60.