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Cloudman said:
Dang Chazore, you covered some stuff I was considering posting myself. I heard about fish and other things being added, but I wasn't sure if people would be interested in hearing about it. So I'm glad you brought it up.

Also, I gave that article a read, and it was a good one. I liked hearing the ideas around the game, like NPCs getting an understanding of the space they love around and worlds feel like they've always existed. I've felt these in game when I started making a colony and the tenants would interact with each other. Later, I'd get quests revolving around them, such as becoming friends, getting new people to join the colony, bribery, and enforcing fear. I've had one ask me to threaten another NPC into becoming a sort of slave with a gun, and then wanted me to bribe guards for protection. I felt I learned this character I brought in was a real dark character. It was shocking to learn about these characters. They felt real and alive.

There's also bases of different races you meet, which is real nice, since it makes these worlds feel alive.

But yeah... good read, and I hope even more cooler features get added to the game to makes it even better.

The relations between the NPCss seem to be a lot like Animal Crossing.

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