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Cloudman said:

I've heard some people raise issues with the game being 2D, and I can see that coming from a big game like No Man's Sky, but I don't think it takes away anything from it. There are still secrets and treasures to find, and it makes it easier to fully explore the surface of planets and take everything you can find. Then there's also digging down below to find dungeons. mini biomes and more treasures. I suppose it is pretty similar to Terraria, though I haven't played much of that game. If you liked that game, chances are you'd like Starbound too.

I've thought the same myself. I loved Minecraft the first time I laid eyes on it years ago. I thought it was something neat and interesting and not once did I go "man the graphics suck why isn't this like AAA games visual wise?". I like that Starbound is a 2D pixel version of Minecraft/Terraria, it being in 3D would have made it look more like Minecraft and we've all seen that song and dance played by a good numebr that tried to emulate MC's success and looks.

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