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Are we all shy that we dont have a super amazing thing to show? Not me. But instead of something amazing I'll show everyone a couple of things I found useful in the early game.

Here is my ship:

Look at that efficient use of space . Nothing big but I think it pays up big time to have all the most advanced crafting stuff in there. Not just because is right there for when you visit new planets but everything inside the ship stays even if you change servers or play in the single player. This way if the servers closes, resets or have troll players you still got the important stuff on the ship and you keep your inventory unfilled.


About cotton:

It is weird in that cotton is easy to find but tricky to get in enough quantities. This is definitelly something you want to farm (as in cultivate). And you should do it from the very begining as you'll want to make that teddy bear as soon as posible, trust me.

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