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FunFan said:
Cloudman said:

I'd like to see what other cool things you've made and seen during your adventures

Ok ill play along and post a few pics of things that caught my eyes.

The liquid physics in this game are quite robust (ignoring that all liquids behave like water). So you can do interesting things like this:

There is no gimmick or special trick to it. The cave is completely exposed to the water, but it wont flood. Just dont mine the background... This can help you expand your beach house with an evil lair including a world dominating submarine. Theres no submarines in the game yet though, so you'll have to do with one of those hoverbike things. They can work underwater.

Oh man, that is pretty cool. I bet a cool base could be made from the bottom of the island. It would def make a cool underwater base, and I wish I had done that... I guess I can just make an underground tunnel to the bottom of my island. Cool find indeed.

I know there is a mod that adds submarines, so it could be possible to do in the game currently~



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