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I tried the game out last weekend. The core gameplay of mining, building, and exploring is fun. The lore and art direction are fantastic and original. The controls for movement and aiming could have been done a lot better. There's no momentum, acceleration, or deceleration in running or jumping. With the press of a button, main characters go from not moving at all to moving at a steady pace. This makes the controls for movement feel stiff. Aiming your projectile weapons with the mouse cursor is clunky and slow. I don't like having to drag my mouse all the way over to an enemy just to aim at it. It would have been simpler to just use analog controls for aiming like Hyper Light Drifter.

I discovered how to build a snowman, but for some reason I can't see the option for snowman in my UI. The same goes for Carrot Juice. I think these may be bugs.

It's kind of disappointing that there isn't a map to keep track of where you've been. Putting torches everywhere is a little time consuming.

Don't get me wrong. I've been enjoying the game a lot. I just wanted to see if anybody else is having issues with the controls, and lack of a map.

Finally. How do I teleport back to my ship, and how do I put items in the L/R slots? I've tried putting a bow in my left slot, and a sword in my right slot, but one always replaces the other.