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BraLoD said:
Ouroboros24 said:

"Was my entire life just a lie?"

You got to admit, that's a pretty hefty over exaggeration for something that's not even a big deal anymore.  I can't help but respond in kind to your 'life dilemma'. To me the title of this topic is akin to something like reading "Sony to continue to make games".  It's like one of those "no duh" topics that I can't even believe that someone would a make a topic of.  But then again, here I am responding, so your ploy must have worked.  Either way, just wanted to reassure, little buckaroo, it's very likely Mario will come.  *Smilies* 

I already told you that was humor.

Anyway, don't click on threads you don't want to read or post, that would save you a lot of time and you would stop "falling into ploys" and keep your own overreaction from being born from "exaggerations" because the point of the thread went over your head, little buckaroo. *Smilies*

Don't be offended little buddy.  It's all humor, don't escalate.  You seem to have your affections to Sonic and so you perhaps you've taken my comments as an attack, but rest assured, I'm laughing a lot about this.  All day laughing about this.  Trust and believe I know what kind of thread this was and because I knew what it was, I commented accordingly.  It just bums me out that tension came about with my post.  I really do hope you aren't too upset, that wasn't my intensions.  It just gets me in the feelings that Sonic games suck so much right now.  Even with the throwback games that have recently been anounced, I get the feeling it'll make Hello Kitty go bye bye.  Well, here's to making peace, Banzai Buckaroo.  *Sparkle*