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BraLoD said:
Ouroboros24 said:

What is this, 1993?  Mario's biggest rival hasn't been Sonic for a long time.  For Nintendo to be successful with it's new console, they need the all the help they can get.  Mario is in development and isn't quite ready for an announcement.  Relax, it's Mario, he's never going to miss a hardware cycle, so hold on to your horses buckaroo. 

It's funny you start to making assumptions for me just because you can't take a bit of humor, lol.

Did I say Mario won't come? Mario isn't in development? Please, relax a bit your horses, buckaroo

"Was my entire life just a lie?"

You got to admit, that's a pretty hefty over exaggeration for something that's not even a big deal anymore.  I can't help but respond in kind to your 'life dilemma'. To me the title of this topic is akin to something like reading "Sony to continue to make games".  It's like one of those "no duh" topics that I can't even believe that someone would a make a topic of.  But then again, here I am responding, so your ploy must have worked.  Either way, just wanted to reassure, little buckaroo, it's very likely Mario will come.  *Smilies*