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BraLoD said:
Cloudman said:

Yeaaaah, Sonic 4.... >_>;  I didn't like episode 1 at all. It felt so... cheaply made and uninspired. They were more remakes of older sonic stages, and the music was so eeeeeh. Plus it played so-so too. I didn't even bother with ep 2, so if it's good, lemme know.

Who knows, maybe Sonic Mania can be worthy of being a Sonic 4. It looks like it can be pretty great, and it has Tails and Knuckles as well That's just awesome.

Having only the Mega Drive classics (Sonic, Tails and Knucles) is actually a pretty good sign already, lol.

Anyway, Mania will also have old stuff on it, they showed part of 2 stages, one completely new but the other one was green hill zone, and the first half of it is identical to the original Sonic on the Mega Drive, but then we could see it would start changing there, it seems to have an upper part the original doesn't and the other part of the stage show was new, and I really liked the boss, it's the classical first Robotnik (Please call it Robotnik and not Eggman on this game...), but it keeps changing so sometimes we have to hit the ball and others the body, it's a pretty nice idea, IMO.

Project Sonic also seems to be headed to the right way, as it has classic Sonic, which was a combo that made Generations a pretty good game.

I'm pretty excited, again, with Sonic... please don't let me down, again, Sega... XD

Yeah, that is true. The did recycle Green Hill Zone. Hopefully they don't reuse old ones too much, and at worst, I hope they do them right. Sonic 4 couldn't even do that. But yeah, from what we saw. Looking good so far.

I'm hoping Project Sonic will be good, but it's hard to say for now. It would be nice to have gameplay 1st. So I'll wait for that...



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