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BraLoD said:
Cloudman said:
Don't worry BraLoD. Nintendo will answer your worries with a new Mario game in a few years In the meantime, enjoy a sonic game or 2. I know for sure I want to play Sonic Mania. That game looks like it could be goooooood, and no weird Sonic 4 stuff either.

There should still be a Sonic 4.
We have Episode 1 and 2, but we don't actually have a Sonic 4, only that...

There is room for it, make it real Sega! XP

Though Sonic Team moved to bigger projects, so I doubt they would give other developers the right to name a game Sonic 4.
Mania could change that, tho... let's see how it goes.

Yeaaaah, Sonic 4.... >_>;  I didn't like episode 1 at all. It felt so... cheaply made and uninspired. They were more remakes of older sonic stages, and the music was so eeeeeh. Plus it played so-so too. I didn't even bother with ep 2, so if it's good, lemme know.

Who knows, maybe Sonic Mania can be worthy of being a Sonic 4. It looks like it can be pretty great, and it has Tails and Knuckles as well That's just awesome.



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