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Disappointment, so much disappointment... Ash literally had every reason possible to win this, the way the story was written it would make no sense for him not to win, but alas, the writers are master trolls. Well to them I say good job, you probably lost a ton of good will and viewers.





A whopping 20 years later and as you can see Ash still hasn't won a league, never obtaining the right to even challenge the Elite 4. I had accepted that he never would, Ash will just forever be known as an idiot loser... or so I thought until I watched the XY series where he actually acts as someone with his experience should, competent skillful and strategic. I was not only enjoying watching him for the first time in years, but it's also gotten me excited about the possibility of him winning the league.

The likeliness only increased as time went on with Ash actually being ahead of his rivals instead of behind, the Ash-Greninja form making him OP, his team being fully evolved for the first time ever, actually holding his own and nearly winning against the Champion, and just recently reaching Top 4 in the League (the farthest he's ever gone) easily and with only 5 Pokemon at the time. They didn't even fully show his battles up to this point since I guess it wouldn't be that interesting watching him 1-shot everyone hehe.

Then the magazine gave us episode titles (link: ), and while it was already pretty obvious, it 100% confirms that Ash will win his Top 4 match and make it to the finals. He's already made history getting to the Top 2, but with just one moar win, he can make real history, finally winning a Pokemon League! This would truely cement XY as the best Pokemon anime generation, all the fans would be happy, and it would be such a great moment for the 20th Anniversary!

Might be setting myself up for massive disappointment, but logic and my fanboyism wont allow me to believe any possibility that doesn't involve Ash winning! What do yal think, will history be made?





Ash Wins Top 4 Match!

Incase there's anyone who doesn't believe the episode titles, well it's now official after what was probably one of if not the greatest battle in the history of the anime! The animation, the intensity, the strategy, the power, everything was on point! I've never ever gotten hyped up while watching this show before, it was just so good! See for yourselves!


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Also, it's pretty much confirmed that the battle with Alain will come down to their last Pokemon since it's spread between two episodes, so no Tobias style wipe! Additionally this means the question now is just whether or not Ash-Greninja can defeat Mega Charizard X, that's all that stands in the way of Ash winning the league now! Of course, I'm confident Ash-Greninja will win, it's simply too hype! Plus, they showed that Ash-Greninja will be getting an even more OP Rasenshuriken, yep the one you saw in this episode, it isn't even his final attack!