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People who follow this SJW movement into the gaming world knows that gaming site Kotaku is famous for having been overtaken by SJWs. Their editorial staff is now socially aware and outspokenly an agitator, and the site has become widely regarded as an important player to promote and spread these issues. Most SJW gamers proudly gather at that site and any opposing opinions are openly ridiculed and censored there.

Now, the brutal and confident way this IGN journalist Gav Murphy expressed himself about the Tekken producer suggests that there is a similar culture being built up within the IGN staff. I'm afraid it is so. And no matter that IGN is seen as laughing stock by many gamers for a multitude of reasons, it's nevertheless a powerful player in the industry. Sadly, it's clear that at least the big publishers respect the reviews and opinions of IGN and think they are very important.