Kerotan said:
Mr Puggsly said:

It sounds like the plan is keep making upgrades to the Xbox One. Which makes sense if they stick with the same architecture.

I doubt they will just keep doing partial upgrades.  I think they'll try at least 1 new console that's full backwards compatible. 

Well the power increase is practiically like a next gen console. It takes a lot of power to make the jump from 720p-1080p to 4K. Some developers will opt to use much of that power on graphics/performance instead and those titles will look a generation ahead of current consoles.

Just because they keep calling it X1 doesn't mean that limites the potential upgrades on specs. But at some point high end games will have to stop supporting 1st gen specs, kinda like phones. But more simplistic stuff like indie games, classic ports, could support 1st gen X1 for many years. Atleast I would hope that's the direction MS is going with X1.

Hence, its like the PC. They don't move generations, they just get better specs and OS updates.

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