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JWeinCom said:
Goodnightmoon said:

The nostalgia argumet all over again. 

Everything looks awesome, we are all blinded by nostalgia...

You're hearing the argument again because it's true.  The original theme song was cheesy 1980's music.  This is cheesy 2010's music.


The original theme song has no relevance in the fact that this is complete shit.
And if you think someone is gonna remember this song in 2 months...meanwhile the original is in the mind of a whole generation, for some reason.

This movie looks like ass even if it was the first of the saga, it looks hideous till an insane degree and nostlagia has nothing to do with that, is a bit hilarious the fact that everyone that thinks this looks bad, because it looks bad, is labelled as blinded by nostalgia, when the movie just couldnt look worse than it looks.