Nuvendil said:
So honestly, now that it's all done, I think that Nintendo did fairly well given the awkward transition phase they're in. Lots of gameplay. Ever Oasis, Dragon Quest VII, Monster Hunter Generations, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Rhythm Heaven, all look good even though not all are really my jam. Paper Mario was as divisive as when it was announced but oh well. And of course Zelda and Pokémon look great.

Honestly, they could have had a small direct to start this off. They had enough to do 45 minutes with big slots to Zelda and Pokémon and a indie sizzle really to take 7 or 8 minutes up. But still, the streaming as good for the most part. Day 2 was better with more variety and therefore more focus and urgency.

This was definitely WAY better than I was concerned it would be.

Honestly I think this was the best scenario for Nintendo. We should know by now that this is their transition phase because mobile is starting to pick up for them and NX is on the horizon. 3DS is doing everything it continue momentum and there's just not enough time to make big AAA Nintendo games that can sell well for Wii U, considering how it's not selling well and there's not much more they could do about it.

theyre staying the course to creating a long term future at this point.