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Azzanation said:

I am curious to know what great 1st party games Sony made during the PS1 era that iv missed out on? I own a PS1 and i can tell you, aside from Crash 1,2,3, and GT1, everything else was 3rd party devs. I am happy to have you list me more.

Back on topis, PC gaming has grown so much, its almost to the point where Consoles are trying to follow PC instead of PC trying to follow Consoles. Alot of gamers underestimate how big the community is. Dota, LoL, WoW alone have just as many gamers playing those 3 games then the entire 8th console sales combine (or close to) I think more gamers need to make the switch fast because upgraded yearly hardware is going to be the thread with future generations. More games, more options, more players, and more power. Thats the way i look at it.

Crash 1-2-3-Racing

Gran Turismo 1-2

MotorToon Grand Prix

Syphon Filter 3

Jumping Flash! 1-2

Twisted Metal 1-2

Rally Cross 1-2

Ape Escape

Legend of Dragoon

MediEvil 1-2

Legend of Legaia

Porsche Challenge

MLB series

The list goes on. But I'm on my cell right now and can't be arsed for more. Wikipedia is your friend. 

You just listed 1st party games, im talking about great 1st party games. eg: Syphon Filter 3? lol ok, Twisted Metal? right..

Ape Escape was a great game and Medievil wasnt, however i enjoyed my time with it, i enjoyed the creative art style behind it.  

I am not even going to try to compare those games to the N64 1st party lineup. Its not even a competition.