Mordred11 said:
Ultr said:

Its already breaking records where its out. In my country and all the surroundings Its on number one.

"Elsewhere in the international marketplace, Universal released Warcraft in twenty territories this past weekend where it finished #1 in 19 of them"

So i hope it continues like that.



Opening at #1 in Russia and Germany plus a handful of small territories doesn't translate into ' breaking records' ...

" It did its best business in Germany, scoring the biggest opening day of the year in the country with $2.2 million."

"Warcraft also found success in France ($2.2 million in three days) and Sweden, where it posted the third-highest opening day ever for Universal in the territory with $539,000."


now I'm not saying that It breaking recoreds all over the world. But you cannot deny that it has momentum