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CosmicSex said:
KLAMarine said:

Because there has been no, and I mean ZERO, NX discussion before. We haven't even had one NX thread on this site!

I think he is saying that Nintendo is playing everything too close to the chest.

Perhaps but among other things, what I'm getting from the excerpt below is the feeling that Turkish believes Microsoft and Sony are benefiting from "marketing buzz" and "people talking" about Microsoft and Sony and within the same sentence contrasts Nintendo against Microsoft and Sony as if there hasn't been "buzz" and "discussion" about the NX.

Turkish said:

These (controlled?) leaks are only good for MS and Sony tho, they start the marketing buzz before the products are even announced and get people talking about them while the only signal we have of Nintendo still being in the console business is a vague twitter post saying "NX launches March 2017!".

I could be wrong but until further notice from Turkish himself, this is my current interpretation from the excerpt above.