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Soundwave said:
Swordmasterman said:
Why people are treating Xbox Scorpion, and PS4 Neo, as new Gen consoles ? they will just be the same consoles but more powerful, this isn't a new Gen, because all PS4 Neo, and Xbox Scorpion's games will have to run on previous consoles.

6 TFLOP vs. 1.2 TFLOP is basically pretty much a new generation device, it may have backwards compatibility but that's basically bordering on a new generation, that's a massive hardware leap. 

XBox 360 (250 GFLOPS) to XBox One (1.2 TF) is a 5x performance leap, XB1 (1.2 TF) to XB Scorpio (6 TF) is pretty much the same leap. 

Even the PS4Neo surprised me, 4 TFLOP console for $299 this year is pretty insane. 

Is just a more powerful version isn't the Backwards i'm talking about, all the previous version must run the same games, you don't see Xbox 360 runing Xbox One's games but this will be a rule with those new machines.