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Microsoft's decision to make a new Xbox wasn't just a reaction the the Neo. If we subtract Sony's current market share, there is about 44-45% remaining to split between Microsoft and Nintendo. The ONLY reason why Microsoft's share isn't lower is because the Wii U is performing so poorly. The Nx has the attention of everyone. The only possible realistic outcome is that Nintendo will start to cut into Microsoft marketshare. Looking at the release timetables and the current marketshare, the only logical conclusion is that PS4 will continue to expand its marketshare. If Nx launches before X1-2, the only direction Microsoft's share can go is down.

Understanding this, it is easy to see why this leak was made so far in advance. As of now, the biggest threat to Microsoft IS Nintendo, not Sony, because Microsoft will be the first one to lose what marketshare is available and they will have NOTHING until the X1-2 launches. That folks is strategy.