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extremely unlikely. if the NX is solid conceptually and easy to use with a better third party library, there is NO way Sony could maintain that sort of dominance on the home market.

just as an example of when Nintendo makes a straight forward solid product- look at the 3DS. although its a handheld and a bit of an apples and oranges comparison, the system has been out, what, 5 years, and is still selling pretty well and outselling the Xone.

the 3DS is a strong indicator that a lot of casuals still like Nintendo products. They just like them simple. the 3DS is simple- buy the system and games, power it on, and BAM, fairly regular controls and quick to get into games. The Wii U is not like that.


for Nintendo to get a big percentage of the market the NX just needs to have solid specs and be accessible, either with a great controller or unified library (handheld or home), something along those lines.

No way will PS4 have 50% market total if you include Xone, Wii U, NX and total tally numbers when all is said and done. the NX releasing will hurt PS4 numbers because people are obsessed with the concept of 'new' and 'system generations' and the consumers (whether it is true or not) will look at the NX as a whole new generation that they have to get their hands on