Aquamarine said:
gatito said:
Trump being so high on this poll is the most frightening crap i've seen this month. Hopefully american voters will know better.

Hillary not being in prison is the most frightening thing I've seen this election cycle.

Decades of scandals and blatant corruption and lies and flip-flopping when it's politically convenient and circumventing the's pretty incredible how many people (especially women and minorities) are so complacent about it. Her rise over honest, genuine politicians like Bernie Sanders absolutely REPULSES me.

I can't in good conscience vote for a candidate who completely embodies everything that is wrong with modern politicans. All of the remaining candidates in the race offer America relief from such blatant corruption----just go with someone else...ANYONE else. Yes, even Trump the populist xenophobe would be better.

The millions of Americans who will vote for Trump aren't bumbling, daft idiots----Hillary Clinton really is THAT horrible. You don't tend to hear about it outside of the USA though because the mainstream media is bought and paid for by Hillary's cronies who love to paint Hillary as a saint and Trump as the devil incarnate...but it's a HUGE problem.

Now if this were a Trump vs. Sanders race it would be much different. Trump has even stated himself that he would much rather run against Hillary because Bernie would be a much more difficult candidate to beat. Unfortunately Hillary has rigged the whole election process right from the start, so Bernie never stood a chance.

Oh a bunch of emails. Whoopity doo. Oh noes the emails. They weren't even classified at the time, so what she's not a rocket scientist at setting up email security like most people over the age of 60 are.

I like Bernie too but the system isn't "rigged". Hilary has more votes than Bernie. A lot more votes actually. She has like 2 million more votes over Sanders and more than Trump as well in this primary season. Of course Bernie Sanders supporters convienantly always forget to mention this.

People get caught up in stupid little things with the Clintons ... fact of the matter is the 90s were pretty much the most peaceful and properous period of time for America probably since post World War II. Economy was booming, jobs were plentiful, Clinton is the only president to actually have a surplus instead of a deficet in like the last 100 years, the US didn't get caught up in any major wars.

But he oh no, dude got a blow job from an intern. Like who cares. Kennedy probably fucked half the Eastern seaboard, but he also probably prevented nuclear World War III. Gee, which is more important?

Bernie's "honest" ... but "honest" is akin to being "nice" in football ... it's all well and good until you get knocked on your ass. I don't think he'd be able to accomplish 1/3 of what he's proposing and a lot of what he's proposing would send the US into monstrous debt. Clinton may not get people in "oohss" and "ahhhhs" as a "she makes me feel good" type candidate but she'll probably get shit done because she's more of a moderate.

She's the only one that has a tax plan that wouldn't send the US into monsterous debt ... Sanders wants to make everything free and raise taxes everywhere. Trump wants to give massive tax cuts to millionaires/billionaires while spending even more on the military and maintain Medicare/SS, so he's ok with much less tax revenue but more spending. Clinton is the only one with any damn sense fiscally.