KLXVER said:
AnthonyW86 said:

Yeah but not many people to film themselves while making the mistake and post it on Instagram.

People film everything now. He thought a guy was high on the job and being rude. He wanted to call him out. Just a mistake which he apologized for.

This had nothing to do with that. 50 wanted to be famous and tried to use this kid to do it. 50 could careless about that kid being high at work. This is the same person who got shot 9 times in the streets and it wasn't cause he was pretty he was out there doing dirty shit and pissed someone off. Then he tries to make a video talking about "what's wrong with the generation of today". I don't know 50 why don't you tell us what it's like to piss off someone to the point they put 9 holes in you.