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160rmf said:
Soundwave said:

Star Fox being Nintendo's "big game" of the year ... lets be real ... Nintendo called off the horses on the Wii U a long time ago.

Star Fox, Devil's Third, Mario Tennis, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival are just filler titles to ride the Wii U out, you'll notice Nintendo did not develop any of these games internally by themselves they're all farmed out.

It's only a small handful of posters here that are naively clinging to the hope that Wii U has any real future left, most of us have accepted the truth.

Right now Nintendo is just like a star athlete who's playing the game at half speed because his team is losing by 50 points and there's no point in getting hurt in the process.

I get the point that you're trying to make and I agree with you. But the way you listed the games, comparing SF0 to mario tennis, devil's third and amiibo festival, like that you're trying to put them on the same level. That feels wrong to me.

Pokken, TLoZ:TPHD and Star Fox Zero, while they not scream "BEST GAME EVAH" for many, they are all solid games, not mere fillers like the ones that you listed.


Lawlight said:
I've never heard of that song before. The only prince song I know is the most beautiful girl in the world. missed out on one of the most influential artists of all time. Thats like saying you've never heard a Beatles, Elton John or Michael Jackson album (while only getting a quick listen to one of their known songs). They were some of the most well known artists of their generation, but Prince was known for his versatility vocally and in the studio with guitar and synth. Dude was just a walking experiement.