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hershel_layton said:
mornelithe said:

They're at like 5-5.5m active subs I think, so definitely far, far down from the all-time high (~14m I think).  But, 5-5.5m is still a substantial active player base.  Which always jumps absurdly with every expansion, which means they're adding another several million expansion sales on top of the current active userbase (as older players come back to check out the new stuff).

Do you think there's any use for people to start playing WoW from scratch?

I'll tell you what I tell most of my friends.  If you want to become addicted to something, just go buy some heroin.

Joking aside, I wouldn't recommend WoW to anyone who either isn't starting it with a friend, or who doesn't know someone in a guild they can get into.  While your leveling (1-100) can be done solo, raids require 10+ people.  There's a bajillion quests to do (currently have 15,369 completed), tons of areas to explore, tons of mounts, pets, gear, and other cosmetic shit to collect (if that's your thing), PvPing (if you care, I don't, so I'm a bad person to ask about whether it's worth a shit or not).

For me, the only reason I still play is because of the people.  I've been with the same group of people, the tail end of Burning Crusade in 2007.  So, I've known these folks for ~8 years at this point.    So, it's pretty difficult to just say bye to people you've known and had awesome fun with for so long.  And now we go to Blizzcon every year (this year will be the 3rd in a row), and they already roped me into getting Legion (and Overwatch).  lol.  So, it looks like I'm in it for the long haul.  I do love raids, though.  Even though I felt a serious loss when they killed 40 man raids, I still enjoy 10-20 mans. :)