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mornelithe said:
hershel_layton said:
Just curious, but is World of Warcraft still thriving? Or is it mainly for hardcore players now?

WoW keeps reminding me of old RPG's like Maplestory. Man, I remember for 2005-2010 RPG's were everything. I've probably tried out 30ish RPG's for 2005-2010 only

They're at like 5-5.5m active subs I think, so definitely far, far down from the all-time high (~14m I think).  But, 5-5.5m is still a substantial active player base.  Which always jumps absurdly with every expansion, which means they're adding another several million expansion sales on top of the current active userbase (as older players come back to check out the new stuff).

Do you think there's any use for people to start playing WoW from scratch?



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