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poklane said:
The fact that a game is so popular that millions people are willing to pay $15/$14/$13 a month (based on if they buy a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscription) is insane, especially since there's a $20 up front cost. And even then there's still plenty of people who are willing to pay another load of money for expansions and other stuff.

Nevermind the people who spend $70-$90 for Collectors Editions (I've gotten CE's of all WoW expansions and Legion CE preordered...and Overwatch) of those expansions, or any of the cosmetic items you can purchase on the blizzard store (I've gotten none of these, but I know people who literally buy every cosmetic WoW item).  And I don't know how much money Blizzard makes off of Blizzcon, but, this'll be my 3rd year in a row heh.