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well minecraft have probl more copies sold, but wow has a looong sucessfull subscription model. All in all wow is far more successfull/profitable imo.

Minecrafts sells at 5-20 (wii u 30) € once. Even if the say 15€ in average by 70mio sold copies thats "just" 1050 Mio.

Wow has an average of like 7-8 Mio Subscriber (started with 10+, now is as 5-6) which pays every month 10€ (120€/year) for the game. And thats scince like 10 years. All in all WOW has easily sold 30-40mio game copies + payed addons.
Calculate all that this will be like: 7mio (average subscribers) x 120 (Subscribtion/year) x 10 (years) = 8400 Mio + 30 Mio (users who bought the game) x 100€ (average price a user paid for WOW game + Addons) = 11400 Mio

So all in all Blizzard probl did estiamted around 10x as many cash as Mojang did with Minecraft so far. Development costs could probl be higher for Blizzard (alltough Minecraft supports a tons of plattforms = high development costs as well).

So WOW is for sure more successfull. Its most likely the most successfull game ever made (in terms of profitable).