Well of course i want a console that's constantly connected to servers that can easily get hacked at anytime. heaven forbid i want to let my friend borrow my game, that would be to difficult in 2016-onward you know with technology getting "better" Change isn't whats scary it's the "Details" in the change that CAN be scary, very scary. By using nothing more than comparison what about this? Tell the whole world back in the 1930's that change was good for Germany and that Hitler and his Nazi's were a good "change" for Germany and the rest of the world. Don't be retarded. Yes change CAN be good sometime's. Innovation's to technology CAN be a good thing sometime's. Not everything works as planned. It's just like credit and debit card's, online banking,buying and selling on the internet. You can be robbed of everything you worked your life for or have your entire identity stolen when your minding your own business sleeping in your bed. Bottom line we are relying more and more on internet to fix all our problems, which it does in some cases. Video games are fine the way they are they don't need changed, at the very least make it optional that way people who love online imaginary data for their games cool. But i want consoles i shouldn't have to pay for internet just to play a game. just wait once server problems/hacks/lagging start people might question what they thought they were getting with this new digital nonsense. My opinion though.
Good day chap's!