You don't want either.

But if you're looking for a lower cost 4K, you can't go wrong with an XBR55X810C. They have a delicious input lag and response time, especially for a 4K, and the X1 processor will beef up any console gaming with unrivaled anti-aliasing and noise reduction (upscaling, for the laymen).

Don't get ripped off by no-name brands like Silo or Seiki. Stick with the big names. And among those big names, avoid:

1. Any Samsung or LG 6000-series models: They're essentially bad panels repurposed as "entry level", and then given bad hardware to cut cost. Expect slow input lags, slow response times, bad smoothing, and plenty of artifacts (especially on 1080p inputs)
2. The 43" and 49" 830C's from Sony: not quite as fast as the 810C, but not as good looking as the 850C or 850D. A waste.
3. Gosh, LGs altogether: They're awful noise algorithms will leave the screen littered with artifacts, especially during fast games on console. Dolby Vision's 7% market share isn't worth that unless you want an OLED...
4. ... Which is bad for gaming and being a monitor: Despite the record setting low input lag and response times (low is good), OLEDs are a high risk for burn-in, which happens when static images (like heads up displays or task bars) stay in one spot too long. If the bad nose algorithm and burn-in aren't enough, OLEDs have a very small number of black levels. So when you're watching the dark knight (or playing Bloodborne), all you'll see ate faces walking around in a perfect black screen.
5. The only date Vizio are M and P Series: Like with Samsung and LG, Vizio has entry levels that are actually failures of higher end models. Stick with M and P and you'll be fine.
6. Do not buy a Panasonic x400 under ANY circumstance: I've turned my nose up at a lot here, but the x400 is trash. Just complete trash. It looks worse than average 1080p TVs.
And 7. Curve is fucking stupid, don't pay extra for it: it catches more flare and narrows your focal point, so others have a harder time sharing your TV with you. Good for a monitor - not a living rob TV.

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